Nika Gallery

Nika Gallery was inspired by the the noble style in Jewelry and a different perspective upon design and philosophy . The name Nika refers to being perfect and complete, as is the case with our products and jewelry. becasue they signify our great legacy of perfect high quality material and so on.

Nika Tartakovskaya, a member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia, member of International Art Fund, Winner of the VIII International Contest “For the sake of Peace on Earth-2017” In the draft of the International Creative Assembly, the charitable foundation “Slavic Traditions”. The artist’s paintings belong to private art collectors in many countries
Brand Nika Tartakovskaya personifies perfection. Combining different directions of art it embodies sensuality, love, beauty and harmony. Each canvas and collection from Nika Tartakovskaya is unique. They are usually made to order and generally are in private collections around the world. The owners of Nika’s paintings are people’s artists of Russia, businessmen from different countries, representatives of state authorities and large corporations, collectors, patrons and the world-level experts. People who already own artworks by Nika Tartakovskaya say that her paintings bring happiness not only from aesthetic pleasure but make one feel their strong energy.